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Go Into All The World... (even the world right outside your door)

Last night was like most Monday nights, a night of love and miracles... It is amazing when I get to witness healing and freedom and especially salvation (when we get to rejoice with all of heaven!), but I sometimes I miss other miracles that may be less obvious, yet are still miraculous.

Last summer, some friends invited their entire neighborhood to come and help serve on a Monday night. Many of their neighbors came and many gave, and some still come week after week. One of the neighbors that came, spoke with me after serving totally amazed. He was from the Middle East and had never experienced the freedom that we so easy take for granted. He was amazed that we could freely serve and pray for people, right out in the open with no fear! To him it was nothing short of miraculous! Last night, the blessing of our freedom was a miracle!

As I arrived and the line for the meal was already very long, I saw another miracle - a group of incredible people with the heart of Jesus to love and to serve, already there, lovingly and cheerfully unloading car after car of food and supplies all provided by the Lord to serve His kids. Amazing and humbling. Every week I see all the hard work that all these volunteers put in to prepare, (I know many put in many hours of preparation and it does not go unnoticed!) - and I think of how there is NO WAY that I could pull any of this off without each and every one of them! Each week they make sure that every little detail is taken care of and bless not only those that receive a meal with kindness and laughter (our guys who serve the coffee faithfully each week, make SURE there is laughter!), but they all bless me as well.

Miracle 3 happened as one of my kids (at least I think of him that way!) that I hadn't seen for a couple of years, ran to embrace me. He just returned from finishing a job training program and Peggy and Chuck took the time to talk and listen to him and see what they could do to help him with his job search. As I was whisked off to take care of an issue brewing, I knew I left him in loving and capable hands - my heart overwhelmed that God has provided such incredible people with such loving hearts to encourage him!

Off to miracle #4 as I was told of a friend that was struggling with a mix up with his medication (and some added alcohol). He sat on the cement bench, SO sick. Brenden sat with him, arms outstretched, comforting him, praying for him, being his friend. Lisa and Mike were soon to follow. As I called for medical help, I watched as these three loved him well, disregarding the vomit on their shoes, they held him in a loving embrace until medical care arrived.

Miracle 5, came on the heals on the others. A doctor from a local hospital showed up with food from a meeting that he wanted to be sure went to those that needed it. As often happens, I don't even know how he knew of us (maybe the meal list?), but there he was. Anxious to help and wanting to know how he could help further.

I saw miracles 6 and 7 as I looked around at those that no longer need to come for the meal, but still come for the friendship. Those living in housing now, with jobs, just there to be a blessing to others, yet their presence was also a blessing to me and a testimony of our faithful Daddy!

I began to lose count of the miracles, as I watched Donna cut hair and help these friends of ours feel great with a new haircut and shave - no small thing! As Liz prayed for and loved on one after the other, as the incredible group of lovers of God from A&T ministered and served, as Michael brought a late comer to Jimmy John's for a sandwich, and even more importantly, became a friend for him to talk to.

I saw Jesus right there in front of the courthouse working through the hearts and lives in every person behind the line serving and in each of those talking and praying. He is alive and well, in resurrection power, right here in Greensboro.

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