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Local Missions (Greensboro, NC): 

Monday night meal: Since July of 2012 we have been providing a meal each Monday night in downtown Greensboro (on the corner of Greene and Washington Streets in front of the courthouse) for those experiencing homelessness and food insecurity.  It is a  place to be prayed for, accepted, honored, loved and celebrated.  The meal is needed and it blesses many, but the friendships that we have built, answers to prayer we have seen and the transformed lives continue to amaze us - a little love makes a huge difference!  Come join us!

Prayer Nights: A time of listening to Holy Spirit, worship and prayer - everyone is welcome!  Please message us for times and locations.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Placement: For those that are struggling with addictions, we work to help find placement in detox and treatment facilities.  The process can be very daunting and we help to walk people through it with love, prayer and support, to find a treatment option that will help in the path to freedom from addiction.

Prayer Ministry:  Our prayer teams minister at rehab facilities, churches, etc., and individual appointments. Contact us for more information.

Free INDEED:  No matter where you are in our journey with Christ, you can INDEED enjoy more freedom and efficacy than ever before. Free INDEED: A Field Manual (coming soon!) and workshop is for people who want to experience greater freedom, health, and wholeness in their walk with God. It is for those who aren’t content just hearing the truth but who want to live the truth in their everyday lives because it really is for freedom that Christ has set us free (Galatians 5:1).









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