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We make one-of-a-kind products from textile samples that would otherwise wind up in a landfill. Proceeds from your purchases help fund sewing training for those who have experienced homelessness.

Handcrafted goods for good.  It's not a slogan, it's our reason for being.

At The Gifted Co., we put our professional eye for design, detailed handcrafted excellence, and a little bit of extra love into products that you use every day. Our mission is in our name. “Gifted” stands for “Giving Individuals Freedom Through Enterprise and Dignity.” Our company was born out of a two-fold desire; to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty while also protecting our environment by keeping beautiful new fabric company samples out of the landfill.  We have found that those that are chronically homeless often suffer from debilitating feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. Our desire is to help these individuals rediscover their worth.


How did it start? With something as simple as scrap fabric and a heart to help those we served each week.  We wanted to help beyond the meals.  A few swatch books of fabric were donated to us and we began creating products such as aprons, tote bags, etc. for fundraising to provide meals for those experiencing homelessness and food insecure individuals and families. This got us to think about how we could expand this idea to create job training and sustainability for both the environment and lives.  We had found that for many of our friends that had been experiencing homelessness for a long time, the prospect of job interviews and holding a job was very intimidating.  We created The Gifted Company for those who already knew us to come and train, to create an easier transition. Commercial sewing training is one small part.  Some come to learn sewing as a hobby, a way to experience the joy of creating something and feeling good about themselves.  Some have come and trained with us and gone on to sew commercially, others came and got renewed confidence and went on to do other things, others working with us have come and we were able to help them get into treatment - we see ALL these things as our reason for being.


Textiles are the #1 filler of landfills in North Carolina!  Recycling these new, high-quality fabrics keep them out of landfills and remaking the fabric into beautiful and useful items brings new purpose to lives. Our first brand, “Sew & Reap Handcrafted” creates products primarily from textile company samples and donated fabrics. We offer sewing classes and commercial sewing training to those experiencing homelessness, those coming out of drug and alcohol treatment and underemployed individuals. 


For more information about The Gifted Company, please visit our website at:

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